Structural Engineers Hampshire

Structural Engineers Hampshire

Structural Engineers Hampshire

As Structural Engineers in Hampshire, we’re here to help you make your construction project a reality. Our chartered structural engineers take the time to understand your vision and provide structural advice.

Ensuring your structure is robust and safe for use is our top priority. It is our job to provide advice, consultancy, surveying and design services in line with the professional standards for which AWA Engineers are well-known and trusted.

What AWA do

Have confidence your project is in safe hands with AWA Engineers. As structural consultants, we help you understand both the potential and the limitations of proposed new builds, extensions or modifications at an early stage allowing you to make sound project decisions.

Structural design is a key aspect of our service as you want to ensure your finished project isn’t just safe but also looks good. Over the years we have worked with clients and design teams to deliver eye catching, award winning buildings.

What is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering is the art and science of planning and designing stable building structures. Structural engineers are responsible for making sure that, once complete, a proposed building will be secure and structurally sound to prioritise the safety of all who will use it.

Structural engineers collaborate with architects, contractors, and building services engineers, overseeing the safe erection of structures of all proportions and for all purposes. Structural engineering requires expert knowledge of structural design, building materials, and the impact of environmental factors and other hazards.

It is our responsibility to account for a structure’s stresses and pressures to ensure its longevity. They must also ensure that structures will not move too much, vibrate or worsen throughout their lifetime, ensuring that buildings will perform throughout their lives.

Essentially, we ensure your buildings don’t fall down.

Do you need a Structural Engineer for your Hampshire project?

If you’re planning a renovation or to build a new structure in Hampshire, we can help ensure your construction is structurally sound.

New buildings require input from a structural design engineer to ensure that the finished project is safe and secure. It is more cost-effective to engage a professional structural consultant at an early stage in order to avoid the need to make corrective changes later.

If you are planning a renovation, a structural engineer can help you identify potential risks and issues associated with your renovation plans before you start work. They also provide calculations to justify your home will remain stable and strong after the renovation process.

If you’re planning on making any structural changes to your home, consult a structural engineer first. It could be the difference between a successful renovation and structural issues.

Structural Engineering Hampshire Services from AWA Engineers

  • Specialist design for steel, concrete and timber
  • Residential, commercial, marine and industrial developments
  • Change of use or building modification consultancy
  • Structural engineering surveys, feasibility studies, design and advice


Why choose AWA Engineers

AWA is a structural engineering and civil engineering consultancy established in 1987, with a hard-won but deserved reputation for delivering excellence in our profession.

Our philosophy is simple: we put people first. This has resulted in a high number of repeat clients and an impressive track record of successful award-winning projects. We are proud to be professional, and approachable; we believe this makes us the ideal partner for your project.

AWA has chartered engineers in our offices located in Romsey, Hampshire and Bath, Somerset. We deliver services to clients across the South, South East and South West.

Our team includes both chartered structural engineers and chartered civil engineers committed to continuous professional development ensuring you benefit from up to date industry expertise, whatever your project entails.

Contact us today

To find out more about how AWA can help with your project, get in touch today. Call 01794 524447 (Romsey) or 01225 251498 (Bath)  to speak to a member of our team. Alternatively, email and one of the team will be in touch.

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