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Drainage Engineering

Drainage Engineering

Drainage engineering is a specialist civil engineering service responsible for designing efficient, effective and sustainable drainage systems for construction projects. This service includes designing systems for the removal of foul and surface water  whilst also considering how natural water sources will impact your site.

Although drainage systems are largely unseen on a completed project, the design must allow for water sources to be properly handled and discharged responsibly. This means providing the infrastructure necessary for surface, subsoil, and foul & soil water handling appropriate to the size of the site and the local environment.

Using their extensive experience of providing drainage design services for residential, commercial and industrial projects of all sizes, across a range of locations, AWA’s specialist drainage civil engineers and designers offer detailed advice and design services across the south from our offices in Hampshire and Somerset.

What AWA do

Drainage civil engineering and design is a specialist service for which AWA Engineers have an extensive catalogue of past projects which demonstrate our ability to deliver innovative, environmentally responsible design solutions. Our service includes underground drainage design and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

If you are planning a new building or development, our drainage civil engineers can assist from preliminary site assessment and advice through to creating bespoke designs for the drainage systems by:

  • Taking account of the local geography and incorporate demand for surface water, storm water run-off;
  • Making appropriate allowances for flood compensation works in respect of how your project will impact the natural environment.
  • Ensuring our designs are environmentally responsible and contribute to achieving your project’s sustainability goals.

For existing buildings or sites, our drainage civil engineers can assist with initial assessment and condition surveys of the existing drainage system, feasibility studies through to developed designs to accommodate the changes you plan to make.

As with new developments, our goal is to create practical solutions which achieve your goals in an environmentally responsible manner.

What is Drainage Civil Engineering?

Drainage civil engineering is a specific discipline relating to the planning and design of systems to transport water away from your site or building(s) via solutions including; underground drainage systems, flood prevention and mitigation, drainage ponds and soakaways, integration to the public sewer network, discharge to watercourses and transfer to water treatments facilities.

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) aim to mimic the way nature deals with water and includes water collection and storage which allows the water to return to the environment in a slow and controlled manner. Examples of this include drainage ponds you will often see on new housing developments. In addition to collecting excess water, these areas are often left to rewild and are a valuable contributor to enhancing the ecology of these areas.

When you choose AWA Engineers for your drainage civil engineering and design needs, you benefit from a team of highly qualified and skilled engineers with a varied portfolio of completed projects.

Do you need a Drainage Engineer for your project?

All new build projects will require input from a drainage civil engineer in order to design a suitable underground drainage system and infrastructure to protect your building from damp, water penetration and flooding, as well as for the transport of water from the property into the mains sewer or water network.

If your project involves change of use, extension or other substantial changes to an existing structure, it is also likely to require some input from a drainage civil engineer – if only to ascertain that current drainage arrangements are adequate.

You may also require the services of a drainage civil engineer if your property is experiencing problems with flooding, blocked drains or even the complete failure of an existing drainage system.

Drainage Engineering Services from AWA Engineers

  • Specialist drainage design for new residential developments, commercial and industrial buildings, change of use, extensions or refurbishments.
  • Drainage feasibility studies, surveys & inspections, design and project management.
  • Planning and consents.


"AWA were brilliant - really responsive and made sure the process went smoothly working with our architect."

Amelia Stead, Client

Why choose AWA Engineers

AWA is a structural engineering and civil engineering consultancy established in 1987, with a hard-won but deserved reputation for delivering excellence in our profession.

Our philosophy is simple: we put people first. This has resulted in a high number of repeat clients and an impressive track record of successful award-winning projects. We are proud to be professional, and approachable; we believe this makes us the ideal partner for your project.

AWA has chartered engineers in our offices located in Romsey, Hampshire and Bath, Somerset. We deliver services to clients across the South, South East and South West.

Our team includes both chartered structural engineers and chartered civil engineers committed to continuous professional development ensuring you benefit from up to date industry expertise, whatever your project entails.

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