Structural Engineers Bristol

Structural Engineers Bristol

Structural Engineers Bristol

As Structural Engineers in Bristol, we assist you in bringing your building project to life. Our licensed structural engineers invest time to understand your concept and offer structural guidance.

At AWA Engineers, our priority is ensuring the robustness and safety of your structure. We offer guidance, consulting, inspection, and designing services following the professional standards for which AWA Engineers are well-known and trusted.

What AWA do

You can rest assured that your project is safe with AWA Engineers. In our role as structural consultants, we help you to understand the possible advantages and constraints of proposed new builds, additions, or changes at an early stage, helping you in to make insightful project choices.

Our service focuses on the importance of structural design, not only for safety but also for aesthetic appeal. We have collaborated with clients and design teams over the years to create visually appealing, award-winning structures.

What is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering is the combination of knowledge and creativity used to plan and design resilient structures. Structural engineers have to ensure that a proposed building, once fully constructed, will be safe and robust to prioritize the safety of every individual who will use it.

Structural engineers work together with architects, contractors, and engineers specializing in building services, ensuring the safe construction of structures of all sizes and for all uses. Structural engineering necessitates specialised knowledge of structural design, construction materials, and the effect of environmental conditions and other risks.

We take into account the potential stresses and pressures of a building, to guarantee its lasting endurance. We also ensure that structures will not excessively shift, vibrate or degrade over time, thus making certain that buildings will maintain their performance over their lifespan.

Essentially, we ensure your buildings don’t fall down.

Structural Engineers in Bristol

Opened in 1864, The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans the Avon Gorge and the River Avon, linking Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset.

Do you need a Structural Engineer for your Bristol project?

For those planning a remodel or a new building project in Bristol or nearby locations, we can assist in making sure your construction is structurally secure.

New builds need the advice of a structural engineer to make sure that the final product is reliable and stable. It’s more economical to involve a specialist structural engineer early on to prevent making any expensive modifications later.

When planning a remodel, engaging a structural engineer can help you understand any possible risks and problems that might arise with your remodel plans before commencing work. Additionally, they offer calculations to assure your home’s stability and strength after the renovation.

Consult a structural engineer before considering any structural modifications to your home. This could be the key to a successful renovation versus potential structural problems.

Structural Engineering Bristol Services from AWA Engineers

  • Specialist design for steel, concrete and timber
  • Residential, commercial, marine and industrial developments
  • Change of use or building modification consultancy
  • Structural engineering surveys, feasibility studies, design and advice


Why choose AWA Engineers

AWA is a structural engineering and civil engineering consultancy established in 1987, with a hard-won but deserved reputation for delivering excellence in our profession.

Our philosophy is simple: we put people first. This has resulted in a high number of repeat clients and an impressive track record of successful award-winning projects. We are proud to be professional, and approachable; we believe this makes us the ideal partner for your project.

AWA has chartered engineers in our offices located in Romsey, Hampshire and Bath, Somerset. We deliver services to clients across the South, South East and South West.

Our team includes both chartered structural engineers and chartered civil engineers committed to continuous professional development ensuring you benefit from up to date industry expertise, whatever your project entails.

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To find out more about how AWA can help with your project, get in touch today. Call 01794 524447 (Romsey) or 01225 251498 (Bath)  to speak to a member of our team. Alternatively, email and one of the team will be in touch.

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