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Structural Engineers (Hampshire & Bath)

Structural Engineering

You have a vision for your construction project and it is our job to help you make that vision a reality, whilst creating safe, stable and secure structures that will stand the test of time.

Our chartered structural engineers provide advice, consultancy, surveying and design services in line with the professional standards for which AWA Engineers is well known and trusted.

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Civil Engineers (Hampshire & Bath)

Civil Engineering

Our team of experienced and professional civil engineering consultants help you achieve your project goals through the use of innovative design solutions.

Drawing on more than 30 years’ in the business, the AWA approach to high quality civil engineering advice combines intelligent problem solving and technical excellence to deliver outstanding outcomes for your project.

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Drainage Engineering (Hampshire & Bath)

Drainage Engineering

Drainage engineering is a specialist civil engineering service responsible for designing efficient, effective and sustainable drainage systems for construction projects. This service includes designing systems for the removal of both foul and surface water drainage whilst also considering how natural water sources will impact your site.

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Marine Engineer Southampton

Marine Structural Engineering

Whether you need a feasibility study, specialist survey, safety inspection, or structural designs for a new marine structural engineering project, AWA’s specialist marine structural engineers and designers can help.

From a small private pontoon access bridge to the full design of a marina for hundreds of boats, dry stack storage, breakwater, sea walls, to launch and recovery rigs, AWA’s extensive experience of providing marine civil engineering and design services means you can relax knowing your project is in safe hands.

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Concrete Structural Engineering (Hampshire & Bath)

Concrete Structural Engineering

Concrete structural engineering is a specialist structural engineering service for the design and specification of concrete and reinforced concrete solutions. Often used in aggressive environments, concrete is a robust material offering longevity for your building and civil elements. Concrete can also be finished in various colours and textures creating long lasting exposed architectural elements for your building.

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Timber Structural Engineering (Hampshire & Bath)

Timber Structural Engineering

Timber structural engineering refers to the structural engineering of buildings constructed using hard or soft wood frames; traditional oak frames; engineered wood (also known as Glue Lam); and cross laminated timber.

AWA Engineers are specialists in Oak and Glue Laminated timber design as well as undertaking a pivotal role as part of the team pioneering the open-source WikiHouse system.

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Steel Frame Building Engineering

Steel Frame Building Engineering

Steel framed buildings can offer a fast construction solution for a range of projects – large and small, from functional industrial to an architecturally driven aesthetic. However, over or under engineering your project will negatively impact the end result either in terms or time, cost, or safety. Which is why it’s vital to choose a steel frame building structural engineering practice with experienced structural engineers.

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New Build Structural Engineer

New Build Structural Engineer

Whether you are planning a small property development or a large scale housing development project, you need a structural engineering practice with demonstrable project experience of delivering new build structural engineering services. Working closely with your design team, our award-winning new build structural engineers use modern, innovative and pragmatic structural design solutions to help you achieve your desired aesthetic, turning your design vision into real-life homes.

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Church Structural Engineering (Hampshire & Bath)

Church Structural Engineering

Many of the UK’s churches, cathedrals and ecclesiastical buildings date back hundreds of years and are monuments of national historic importance. In order to protect these buildings and ensure they remain structurally sound for future generations to enjoy, it is important to choose a practice with extensive specialist experience of delivering church and ecclesiastical structural engineering services.

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Ben Whitfield, Technical Director at AWA, about his experience working on WikiHouse projects

An interview with Ben Whitfield, Technical Director at AWA, about his experience working on WikiHouse projects

We speak to Ben Whitfield, Technical Director at AWA, about his part in delivering AWAs WikiHouse projects and involvement in the technical development of the structures.

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